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From starter to dessert, our food is prepared fresh every day and with authentic Italian flavour to take you on a journey to our traditions, taste and values.

Our pizzas are made with carefully selected fresh ingredients and Divella flour, which is perfect for our 36 hours slow rise dough. The long fermentation allows great hydration and helps delivering a tasty and light pizza in the traditional neapolitan style. 

As a family business operating in the Isle of Man for many years we are dedicated to support local farmers and food producer by using  local meat, fish and dairy products. This not only guarantees freshness but also ensure outstanding quality and taste of our dishes.

See our menus to learn more about our food.

*Please note your booking is not confirmed until you have had a reply from us by phone or email. For same day booking please email before 11:30am or before 4:30pm or call at any time.  

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